A/B Testing Will Do Nothing For You…

Unless it is fueled by the right strategy. Our 4 framework growth process ensures success for dietary supplement, functional food and personal care companies like yours.

The 12 Month Impact Program

It is our firm belief that we need to diagnose your problems before we can prescribe solutions. Any other way would be guessing and considered malpractice.

Therefore, all of our optimization programs consist of 3 phases.

Diagnostics Phase (Dx)

Estimated timeframe: 2 - 3 weeks

The diagnostics phase includes an initial exploratory A/B test, implemented during the first week of our engagement. This exploratory test is designed to hit the ground running and gain insight as part of your diagnosis using the 4 Framework Growth Model.

During the diagnosis phase we’ll analyze the marketplace, including your top competitors, plus survey and interview buyers and or non-buyers to understand the best approach for your funnel sales strategy, everyone’s is unique.

The diagnosis phase will identify weaknesses and opportunities of your website and or funnel and set the stage for the prescription phase. The greater the depth of research the bigger the impact will be on your business success.

This phase will also include:

Prescription Phase (Rx)

Estimated timeframe: 1 week

The prescription phase lasts about 1 week and is where we gather insights and develop hypothesis for the optimization phase. This is delivered via an online presentation with your team.

This phase is where we build on top of your diagnosis to identify areas of opportunity across several dimensions. Including offers, sales copy etc. for optimization and growth.

At this step we’ll create a testing planning and priority queue using learnings from the diagnosis phase and audit, further analysis, and your feedback. We’ll present testing ideas together via a phone call for review and approval. Priorities are established factoring in both the level of impact and speed to implement each test.

Optimization Phase (Ox)

Timeframe: Ongoing for the length of the engagement

The optimization phase is where we build out A/B tests, measure the impact, report on the findings and iterate for even more growth.

During the optimization phase, we work to increase your conversion rate and boost your revenue per visitor along with other key performance indicators established in our on-boarding process.

The number of A/B tests conducted each month will be dependent on traffic and the test strategy developed in the research phase. But we’ll shoot for a minimum of one test per month.

We’ll be there to launch, connect and monitor each and every test.

Reporting and insight for each test round will be delivered via a presentation call with you and your team.

The optimization phase includes:

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